The XArchive is a collection of books that were launched at X Marks the Bokship between 2008 - 2014.

X1—Don’t Smile Now...Save it for Later!
Published By Wassinklundgren. Launched Friday 5 December 2008

X2—The Coelacanth Journal: No. 2, Hysteria.
by The Coelacanth Press. Launched Wednesday 10 December 2008

X3—Savage Messiah Zine Issue 10.
Published by Savage Messiah. Launched Saturday 13 December 2008

X4—Novel, Issue 1. Edited
by Matt Williams and Alun Rowlands.
Launched Friday 29 January 2009

X5—The Foundations of Judo by Yves Klein. Translated by Ian Whittlesea.
Published by The Everyday Press. Launched Friday 6th March 2009

X6—Scenografi. Published by Nieves.
Launched Thursday 26 March 2009

X7—(A) Cities of Oblivion
Published by Future Fiction. Launched Wednesday 1 April 2009 
X7—(B) Love Hotel City.
Published by Future Fiction. Launched Wednesday 1 April 2009

X8—The Mock and other superstitions, issue 2; Anecdotes as new theory.
Launched Sunday 5 April 2009

X9—Death Approaches, The death issue. Edited by Kevin Clarke.
Launched Saturday 18 April 2009

X10—Succulent Legume. Issue 1. Edited by Zoe Darling
and Cecilia Bonilla.
Launched Saturday 16 May 2009

X11—Magazine launch: Vague Paper Issue 6.
Launched Thursday 21st May 2009

X12—The Book of the Film. Edited by Jennifer Bailey.
Launched Saturday 23 May 2009

X13—The Coelacanth Journal: Issue 3, The Moderns.
Published by The Coelacanth Press. Launched Friday 5 June 2009

X14—Life Extreme by Eduardo Kac & Avital Ronell.
Published by Dis Voir. Launched Saturday 20 June 2009

X15—Don’t Bother Issue 005. Edited by Adam Burton.
Published by Don’t Bother. Launched Friday 31 July 2009

X16—LET 4, Lagniappe by Nick Santos-Pedro.
Published by X Marks the Bök. Launched Wednesday 26 August 2009

X17—Silk Handkerchiefs by Paul Haworth.
Published by True, True, True. Launched Friday 18 September 2009

X18—Rock/Music Writings
by Dan Graham.
Published by Primary Information. Launched Saturday 26 September 2009

Published by Centre for useless Launched Friday 30 October 2009

X20—A Prior. Issue 19.
Published by A Prior. Launched Wednesday 25 November 2009

X21—Mono Issue 1.
Published by Mono. Launched Saturday 28 November 2009

X21a—Running Associations by Amy Feneck.
Published by General Public. Launched Thursday 4th March 2010

X22—The Book of Apertures.
Published by Lazy Gramaphone Press. Launched Friday 19 March 2010

X23—Monika, Issue 2.
Launched Thursday 8 April 2010

X24—British Folk by James Pearson-Howes.
Launched Friday 6 August 2010

X25—Mono Issue 3: 18 Unassisted Readymades by John Stezaker.
Published by Mono. Launched Thursday 12 August 2010

X26—General Enquiry Online Magazine.
Launched Saturday 11 September 2010

X27—Giorgio Sadotti.
Published by MK Gallery. Launched Wednesday 22 September 2010

X28—Return to Leptis Magna by Anna Barham.
Launched Friday 22nd October 2010

X29—Science Poems.
Published by OK Do. Launched Wednesday 17 November 2010

X30—ISBN 978-1-907118-99-9 by Fiona Banner.
Published by The Vanity Press. Launched Monday 13 December 2010

X31—Modern Art in Everyday Life by Sara MacKillop.
Published by Bedford Press. Launched Friday 18 February 2011

X32—(A) (now)(then)(___) by Nicole Bachmann, Una Knox, Jasiek Mischke, E. Park, Laure Prouvost. Launched Tuesday 22nd February 2011

X32—(B) The Woodmill Limited Edition Print Portfolio.
Launched Tuesday 22nd February 2011

X33—Alone, Desperate
and Going Nowhere by Paul Haworth.
Published by True True True.Launched Friday 11th March 2011

X34—Schizm Magazine Issue 2 Edited by Emma Holmes.
Launched Saturday 12th March 2011

X35—Black Light By Roisin Dunne.
Published by Ditto Press. Launched Thursday 14th April 2011

X36—. In a State by Adam Murray.
Published by Preston is my Paris. Launched Friday 13 May 2011

X37—(A) News–Headlines collected 14 February~12 April, 2009 by Jürg Lehni & Alex. Rich. Published by Nieves. Launched Friday 20 May 2011

X37—(B) Selected Footnotes from
A Recent History of Writing & Drawing by Jürg Lehni & Alex Rich. Published by Nieves. Launched Friday 20 May 2011

X37—(C) Empty Words by Jürg Lehni & Alex Rich.
Published by Nieves. Launched Friday 20 May 2011

X38—Aphrodite’s Left Turn by Samuel Dowd.
Published by FormContent. Launched Wednesday 25th May 2011

X39—Spectacular Capitalism: Guy Debord and the Practice of Radical Philosophy. Published by Autonomedia. Launched Saturday 25 June, 7pm

X40—IRP Issue 14.
Launched Sunday 3 July 2011

X41—Touching Relating Dividing by Thomas Müller.
Published by The Centre for Recent Drawing. Launched Thursday 7 July 2011

X42—Trip by Laura Braun.
Published by Paper Tiger Books. Launched Saturday 9 July 2011

X43—Studio cookbook by Ken Kirton.
Published by Hato Press. Launched/Lunch Saturday 23 July 2011 X44—Shadowboxing Issue Four/Five by MA Curating Contemporary Art, RCA.
Launched Friday 22 July 2011
X45—A Circular Issue 1. Edited by Afonso Martins and Pedro Cid Proença.
Launched Thursday 21 July 2011

X46—Heaven is Real: John Maus and the Truth of Pop by Adam Harper.
Published by Precinct. Launched Wednesday 27th July 2011

X47—SNIMKY by Dario Uterus.
Published by Hato Press. Launched Wednesday 24 August 2011

X48—Rialto-Dolmio by Russell Walker.
Published by Savoury Days/1994 Editions. Launched Saturday 3 September 2011

X49—100 Things Not Worth Repeating by Marianne Holm Hansen.
Published by Lemon Melon. Launched Thursday 8 September 2011

X50—Uncanny Magazine Issue 3, Publication as Process by Karen Lacroix.
Published by Uncanny Editions. Launched Friday 30 September 2011

X51—Constellation Piece by Ella Finer.
Self Published. Launched Friday 21 October 2011

X52—Kuboaa Issue 2 Edited by Robert Carter.
Launched Thursday 10 November 2011

X53—Monaco Magazine Issue 4 Edited by Katie Guggenheim.
Launched Wednesday 23 November 2011

X54—(A) Performance Fictions Edited by David Burrows.

Published by Article Press. Launched Saturday 3rd December 2011

X54— (B) Barefoot in the Head
. Edited by John Russell, Alun Rowlands and Mark Beasley.
Published by Article Press. Launched Saturday 3rd December 2011

X54— (C) Performing/Knowing Edited by Gavin Butt.
Published by Article Press. Launched Saturday 3rd December 2011

X54— (D) Materiality of Theory By Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield, Benoît Maire and Marcus Steinweg. Published by Article Press. Launched Saturday 3rd December 2011

X54— (E) Who is this who is coming? Edited by Maria Fusco.
Published by Article Press. Launched Saturday 3rd December 2011

X55 Rong—Wrong. Edited by Scott Joseph.
Launched Saturday 21 January 2012

X56—Uh Duh by Sarah Jacobs.
Published by LemonMelon. Launched Wednesday 25 January 2012

X57—The Clifford Chadwick Clifford Collection by Lytle Shaw.
Published by An Endless Supply. Launched Thursday 2 February 2012

X58—A Detour Around Infermental. Edited by George Clark, Dan Kidner and James Richards. Published by Focal Point Gallery. Launched Saturday 25 February 2012

X59—(A) ‘everything’ by Marit Münzberg
Published by LemonMelon. Launched Thursday 1 March 2012

X59—(B) ‘was’ by Tamarin Norwood.
Published by LemonMelon. Launched Thursday 1 March 2012

X60—A Mock Up. Published by Wysing Arts Centre Escalator Visual Arts/Publish And Be Damned/Unrealised Projects. Launched Thursday 22 March 2012

X61—Flee Immediately Issue 01, A Manual. Edited by Renee Carmichael.
Self Published. Launched Friday 13th April 2012

X62—Golden Brothers by STS.
Published by Publication Studio. Launched Monday 23 April 2012

X63—Terrain Vague Persistent Images اكرح ةلمتكم ريغ
By Céline Condorell and Uriel Orlow. Launched Saturday 28 April 2012

X64—Schizm Magazine Issue 4. Edited by Emma Holmes.
Launched Friday 27 April 2012

X65—FORTH & BACK. Published by The Everyday Press and Unfurnished Editions. Launched Thursday 3 May 2012

X66—Crossing the Line Propeller Island 9.
Published by Propeller Island. Launched Friday 11 May 2012

X67—F.R.DAVID “This is not new, of course”. Edited by Will Holder.
Published by de Appel. Launched Thursday 17 May 2012

X68—So Far. So Good... So What? by Patrick Goddard.
Self Published. Launched Saturday 9 June 2012

X69—Disturber Magazine: Spatial Practice. Edited by Tatiana Leshkina.
Launched Thursday 21 June 2012

X70—Gradations of Time over a Plane By Mariana Caló & Francisco Queimadela. Launched Saturday 30 June 2012

X71 HI DE typeface by Giorgio Sadotti, designed by Fraser Muggeridge.
Self Published. Launched Thursday 6 September 2012

X72—Sketch of a New Aesthetic of Music By Ferruccio Busoni.
Published by Precinct. Launched Friday 21 September 2012

X73—Shoppinghour Magazine: Authentic Human Issue.
Launched Friday 19 October 2012

X74—Here and There Vol.11 Ed. Nakako Hayashi.
Launched Thursday 1 November 2012

X75—2012 by Merike Estna. Special Edition.
Launched Thursday 1 November 2012

X76—Me and My Friends
by Jenny Moore, Susan Taylor, Betsy and Sam Porritt, and Anna Kanai. Published by Me and My Friends. Launched Thursday 1 November 2012

X77—Da Thirst. Published by Fine Art Media department, Slade College of Art.
Launched Thursday 15 November 2012

X78—Sounds Like Silence. John Cage - 4’33” – Silence Today.
Published by Spector Books. Launched Thursday 22 November 2012

X79—A Circular Journal, Issue 2.
Launched Saturday 8 December 2012

X80—(A) Theatre of Objects Seekers of Lice.
Published by VerySmallKitchen . Launched Tuesday 11 December 2012

X80—(B) The Fluxus President by David Berridge.
Published by Dark Windows Press. Launched Tuesday 11 December 2012

X81—Misery Connoisseur Issue 1.
Launched Friday 14 December 2012

X82—The Institute of Our
Love in Disrepair by Sophie Robinson.
Published by Bad Press. Launched Friday 8 February 2013

X83—Jonny on a Chorizo by Paul Haworth.
Published by TRUE TRUE TRUE. Launched Friday 15 February, 2013

X84—‘a day without olives is like a day’ Book and CD By Jack Piers Scott.
Published by Corporeal. Launched Saturday 16 February, 2013

X85—Works That Work Magazine.
Launched Friday 8 March 2013

X86—Ludovica Gioscia artist monograph Special Edition.
Launched Saturday 9 March 2013

X87 Triggered Sound
Published by Palaver Press. Launched Friday 15 March 2013

X88—Young, Fresh and Relevant.
Launched Saturday 13 April 2013

X89—Nooo by Nathan Witt.
Launched Saturday 27 April 2013

X90—Project Paper Serial 2.
Self Published. Launched Thursday 2 May 2013

X91—The Paragrin by Daniel James Wilkinson.
Self Published. Launched Saturday 4 May 2013

X92—How Buildings Kill
Published by Tombstone Press. Launched Friday 24 May 2013

X93—We Were Trying to Make Sense...: Exploring Artist and Non-artist Collaborations. Launched Thursday 30 May 2013

X94—The Fernand Baudin Prize catalogue 2012.
Launched Saturday 8 June 2013

X95—Groove Script by Rachel Cattle & Steve Richards.
Self Published. Launched Saturday 22 June 2013

X96—YEAR 13
Published by Komplot. Launched Thursday 27 June 2013

X97—‘Unreal’, Album by Hebronix and EGG010 Motor Manual By Daniel Blumberg. Published by All Tomorrows Parties and Boiled Egg. Launched Friday 5 July 2013

X98—This Book is a Classroom by Lucie Kolb & Romy Rüegger, Passenger books and HIT. Published by Passenger Books. Launched Wednesday 10 July 2013

X99— ‘I can be yours’ by Keef Winter.
Published by Allotrope Press. Launched Friday 26 July 2013

X100—Man Aarg! By David Berridge.
Published by No Demand, X Marks the Bökship. Launched Saturday 14 September 2013

X101—Untitled (September magazine) by Paul Elliman
Published by The Vanity Press. Launched Monday 30 September 2013

X102—E.R.O.S Journal: WOMAN
Launched Saturday 12 October 2013

X103—Slide Shows curated by Charlotte Cheetham
Launched Saturday 19 October 2013

X104—With A Bao A Qu Reading When Attitudes Become Form by Maria Fusco. Published by New Documents. Launched Wednesday 23 October 2013

Published by Goldsmiths College. Launched Friday 25 October 2013

X106—(A) Flatness. Edited by Shama Khanna
Launched Wednesday 30 October 2013

X106—(B) Manual Labours Manual
Launched Wednesday 30 October 2013

X107—Launch of The Significance of the Photographic Image in a Filmic Context Published by TLTRPreß. Thursday 7 November 2013

X108—TURNINGS | FSSMTWTF by Victor & Hester
Launched Friday 29 November 2013

Launched Thursday 5th December 2013

X110—A Strange Cross Between a Butcher's Shop and a Nightclub.
Launched Friday 13 December 2013

X111—The Fox. Edited by Mathew Whittington
Launched Saturday 14 December 2013

Launch Saturday 14 December 2013
Published by Library of Independent Exchange. Launched Saturday 11 January 2014

X114—To Have and To Hold Issue 4
Launched Wednesday 29 January 2014

X115—The Postcard is a Public Work of Art
Published by X Marks the Bokship. Launched Thursday 23 January 2014

Self Published. Launched Saturday 15 February 2014

X117—The Foreigners Stand Still by Seb Patane
Published by Nero. Launched Friday 21 February 2014

X118—The Junk Ships on Alibaba by Joanne McNeil
Published by And. Launched Friday 28 February 2014

X119—Flat White Wall Machine by Kingston MFA
Launched Wednesday 26 March 2014

X120—A School for Design Fiction by James Langdon
Published by Spector Books. Launched Thursday 3 April 2014

X121—Original Risographies by work-form and Studio Operative
Launched Thursday 16 April 2013

X122—E.R.O.S Jounal: MAN
Launched Friday 18 April 2014

X123—Notes on a Team Building Exercise by Jane Cheadle, Anna Pickering, Michaela Nettell, Lucy Parker, Jenna Collins. Launched Saturday 19 April 2014

X124—Whipping jumpy squirts by Mark Pawson
Launched Saturday 19 April 2014

X125—Braille Sonnets by Michalis Pichler
Launched Saturday 19 April 2014

X126—Mona Lisa to Marge by Francesca Bonazzoli and Michele Robecchi.
Published by Prestal. Launched Saturday 19 April 2014

X127—'Or maybe it's the same for everyone' issue 2.
Published by Parvillionary Press. Launched Saturday 19 April 2014

X128—Argos Catalogue, 1976, A project by Sara MacKillop for the Everyday Press.
Launched Saturday 19 April 2014

X129— Operation Paperclip by Patrick Goddard.
Self Published. Launched Saturday 21 June 2014

Launched Thursday 14 August 2014

X131— X-Operative Book. 

Published by X Marks the Bökship. Launched Saturday 27 September 2014

X132— Toponym by Lia Na’ama ten Brink.
Published by LemonMelon. Launched Sunday 12 October 2014

X133— ‘Where Is That Light Now’? 
By Paul O’ Kane. 

Published by eeodo. Launched Sunday 26 October 2014

X134—“REALITY” by Jarosław Kozłowski. 3rd Printing 2014, Matt’s Gallery / X Marks the Bökship. Launched Sunday 16 November 2014

X135—THE VISUAL EVENT. An Education in Appearances. Edited by Oliver Klimpel. Published by Spector Books. Launched Friday 28 November 2014

X136—Loughton to Lambourne End by Yuki Nishimura.
Published by Allotrope Press. Launched Thursday 4 December 2014

The XArchive has travelled to Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe, Gerichtstrasse 52a, Berlin, Shute @ Cardiff Contemporary, Cardiff, Rupert Reading Room, Vilnius.



Archive & Reading Room
Saturday 16 June - 30 June 2012
Gerichtstrasse 52a
Nettelbeckplatz, 13347 Berlin Wedding

So Far. So Good.. So What? by Patrick Goddrad, £4
F.R.DAVID, "This is not new, of course", edited by Will Holder, £9
FORTH & BACK, published by The Everyday Press, £10
Flee Immediately, edited by Renee Carmichae, £4
Schizm magazine, edited by Emma Holmes, £4
A Mock Up, published by Unrealised Projects and Wysing, £10
‘everything’ by Marit Münzberg, published by LemonMelon, £5
‘was’ by Tamarin Norwood, published by LemonMelon, £5
A Detour Around Infermental, published by Focal Point Gallery £6
The Clifford Chadwick Clifford Collection, published by An Endless Supply, £8
Uh Duh by Sarah Jacobs, published by LemonMelon, £8
Rong—Wrong, edited by Scott Joseph, £15





Recent publishing activities at X Marks the Bökship
27 January -09 April 2012
Video and Magazine Archive, Badischer Kunsverein, Karlsruhe, Germany

The XARCHIVE presents a selection of recent publishing activity by X Marks the Bökship at Badischer Kunstverein.
X Marks the Bökship is a bookshop and project space for independent publishers in London, UK. It specializes in
publishing works, journals and discourse by artists and designers. It promotes contemporary publishing activity by
hosting launches, events and production facilities that bring together a network of individual practitioners.
Projects include Publisher of the Month, Writer in Residence, Publisher’s Lunch and the XALPHABET, a print edition
of 26 Xs by 26 artists.


Books launched at X Marks the Bökship, 2011 - 2012 / Publisher of the Month series

(Now) (Then) (__), Nicole Bachmann, Una Knox, Jasiek Mischke, E. Park, Laure Prouvost, £25
A Circular, issue 1, £8.50
And, Don’t be A Robot Think for Yourself, Ruth Ewan, £35
And, Monsters of Wallace, Oliver Cronk, £12
And, Proof Reading, Colm Lally and Sissu Tarka, £24
And, Glosaralis, Neil Chapman, £10
And, Linger on your Pale Blue Eyes, Rachel Cattle and Steve Richards £20
Article Press, Performance Fictions, edited by David Burrow, £8
Article Press, Barefoot in the Head, edited by John Russell, Alun Rowlands, £8
Article Press, Performing/Knowing, edited by Gavin Butt, £8
Article Press, Materiality of Theory, £8
Article Press, Who is this who is coming?, edited by Maria Fusco, £8
Bedford Press, Modern Art in Everyday Life, Sara Mackillop, £8
Constellation piece, Ella Finer, £1
Ditto Press, Black Light, Roisin Dunne, £40
FormContent, Aphrodite’s Left Turn, Samuel Dowd, £6
Hato Press, Studio Cookbook, Ken Kirton, £15
IRP, Issue 14, £3
IRP Issues 1 -13, NFS / Various prices
Kuboaa, Issue 2, edited by Robert Carter, £3
Lemon Melon, Uh Duh, Sarah Jacobs, £8
Lemon Melon, 100 things not worth repeating, Marianne Holm Hanson, £10
Monaco Magazine, issue 4, edited by Katie Guggenheim, £5
Nieves, Reseach Notes, Jürg Lehni & Alex Rich, £12
Nieves, News, Jürg Lehni & Alex Rich, £12
Paper Tiger Books, Trip, Laura Braun, £15
Precinct, Heaven is Real: John Maus and the Truth of Pop, £5
Preston is my Paris, Derby, Jamie Hawkesworth, Adam Murray, Robert Parkinson, £4
Preston is my Paris, In a State, Adam Murray, £5
Re-portrait Yourself, Waldemar Pranckiewicz, £5
Rialto Dolmio, Russell Walker, £4
Rong Wrong, Issue 1, edited by Scott Joseph, £15
Schizm Magazine, Issue 2, £2.50
RCA, Shadowboxing, Issue 1- 5, £10
SNIMKY, edited by Dario Uterus, £12
Autonomedia, Spectacular Capitalism: Guy Debord and the Practice of Radical Philosophy, £12
The Coelacanth Journal, High Rise, Issue 7 series editor Phoebe Blatton, £3
The Coelacanth Journal, It Came in the Night, Issue 6, £3
The Coelacanth Journal, Restoration, Issue 5, £3
The Coelacanth Journal, The Dream Has Gone but the Baby is Real, Issue 4, £3
The Coelacanth Journal, The Moderns, Issue 3, £3
The Coelacanth Journal, Hysteria, Issue 2, £3
The Coelacanth Journal, The Order of Things, Issue 1, £3
The Everyday Press, Crosswords, Lolly Batty, £15
The Everyday Press, Epistle to Westphalia, Super A, £25
The Everyday Press,The Foundations of Judo by Yves Klein, Ian Whittlesea, £16
The Everyday Press, A Rapha Continental Bootleg, Lodovico Pignatti-Morano, £6
The Everyday Press, Catalogue, £3
The Everyday Press, Please do not place drinks on books of Vitrines, Arnaud Desjardin,Print Editon, £150
The Everyday Press, The Book on Books on Artists Books, Arnaud Desjardin, £60
The Vanity Press, ISBN 978-1-907118-99-9, Fiona Banner, £75
Touching Relating Dividing, Thomas Müller, £25
True True True, Alone Desperate and Going Nowhere, Paul Haworth, £8.50
Uncanny Magazine, Publication as Process, Karen Lacroix, Issue 3, £12

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From the Page to the Stage and Back Again
Instructions for, and documentation of, performances of a text piece.

And, Glosaralis, Neil Chapman, £10
Anna Barham, Return to Leptis Magna, £15
Art Angel, Did you Kiss the Foot, Ruth Ewan, £2
Constellation piece, Ella Finer, £1
Converstation as a Model for Production, Jenny Hirons, NFS
Eastside Projects, Two Short Plays, Liam Gillick, £4
FormContent, The Mock, Edited by Francesco Pedraglio, £3
FormContent, Aphrodite’s Left Turn, Samuel Dowd, £6
Genuflux, Rebecca LaMarre, £5
LemonMelon, Uh Duh, Sarah Jacobs, £8
LemonMelon, Long Hand, Sue Tompkins, £25
Let, Issue 1, Acid Cut Flowers, Emily Wardill, NFS
Let, Issue 2, A Play on Words, El Vonne Brown, NFS
Mulberry Tree Press, NFS
NYX, Claire Hooper, NFS
Occasional Papers, Pause, Eva Weinmayr, £10
Pitch Black, Ella Finer, £2
Playing Host, Ella Finer, £4
Roma Publicationas, (Innere Stimme), Olaf Nicoli, £15
Voice Scores, Facsimilies, Ella Finer, £5
Wojciech Kosma, Diatriads, £10
Wojciech Kosma, Songbook, £5









XALPHABET (from left to right) X / Hansjörg Mayer X / Harsh Patel X / Thomas Jeppe X / Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez
X / Anna Barham X / Benjamin Sommerhalder X / Rahel Zoller X / Fraser Muggeridge X / Arnaud Desjardin
X / Daniel James Wilkinson X / Roisin Dunne X / Christian Flamm X / Sara Mackillop X / Nick Thurston X / Giorgio Sadotti







xRialto Dolmio
Russell Walker




Uncanny Magazine, Publication as Process
Issue 3, Karen Lacroix, 2011


Black Light
By Roisin Dunne
Published by Ditto Press, 2011



Books launched in 2012


xConstellation piece
Ella Finer, 2011

        xIn a State
Adam Murray
Published by PPP, 2011
x x    

Shadowboxing: Issues 1 - 5
RCA MA Curating, 2011



A Circular
Journal, Issue 1, 2011



Harsh Patel
Xerox, 297 × 420 mm


Heaven is Real: John Maus and the Truth of Pop
Adam Harper
Published by Precinct, 2011














Long Hand
Sue Tompkins
Published by LemonMelon, 2011


Return to Leptis Magna
Anna Barham
Self Published, 2010







Monsters of Wallace
By Oliver Cronk
Published by And, 2010



The Coelacanth Journal
It Came in the Night
Issue 6, 2011


(Now) (Then) (__)
By Nicole Bachmann, Una Knox, Jasiek Mischke, E. Park, Laure Prouvost
Published 2011











ISBN 978-1-907118-99-9
By Fiona Banner
Published by The Vanity Press, 2010

Neil Chapman
Published by And, 2010


Hansjorg Mayer
Xerox, 297 × 420 mm




Schizm Magazine
Issue 2, 2011



By Laura Braun
Published by Paper Tiger Books, 2011



xModern Art in Everyday Life
By Sara Mackillop
Published by Bedford Press, 2011