Art writing titles

Article Press, Performance Fictions, edited by David Burrow, £8
Article Press, Barefoot in the Head, edited by John Russell, Alun Rowlands, £8
Article Press, Performing/Knowing, edited by Gavin Butt, £8
Article Press, Materiality of Theory, £8
Constellation piece, Ella Finer, £1
Lemon Melon, Uh Duh, Sarah Jacobs,
£8 Lemon Melon, 100 things not worth repeating, Marianne Holm Hanson, £10
Rong-Wrong, Issue 1, edited by Scott Joseph, £15
The Coelacanth Journal, High Rise, Issue 7 series editor Phoebe Blatton, £3
The Coelacanth Journal, It Came in the Night, Issue 6, £3
The Coelacanth Journal, Restoration, Issue 5, £3
The Coelacanth Journal, The Dream Has Gone but the Baby is Real, Issue 4, £3
Anna Barham, Return to Leptis Magna, £15
LemonMelon, Long Hand, Sue Tompkins, £25
Pitch Black, Ella Finer, £2
Playing Host, Ella Finer, £4
Wojciech Kosma, Songbook, £5
And, Proof Reading, Colm Lally and Sissu Tarka, £24
FormContent, Aphrodite's Left Turn, Samuel Dowd, £6
Lemon Melon, Lemonade, David Berridge £5
Lemon Melon, Was, Tamsin Norwood £5
The Everyday Press, A Rapha Continental Bootleg, Lodovico Pignatti-Morano, £6
The Vanity Press, ISBN 978-1-907118-99-9, Fiona Banner, £75
FormContent, The Mock, Edited by Francesco Pedraglio, £3
Session_12_Words, Am Nuden Da, £10
Fold, Copy, £4
R01& BRtz d PlsUr ov d Txt, Nick Davies £8
Image of a City. Gabrielle le Bayon and Paul Buck, £11
Why the Exhibit was Cancelled, Temporary Services, £2.5
Shopping Hour 7, Shopping Hour, £6.5, Rattle Journal, iii, Rattle Journal, £12
Some More Sonnets, Michalis Pichler, £10
Cannon Magazine 2, Cannon Magazine, £9,
Pirates of Cartage, Daniel Kelly, £10,
Planes are Safe, Rachel Twedell, £5, Test Centre 1, Iain Sinclair, £5,
Test Centre 2, Chris Petit, £5
No Lemon No Melon, Lola Halifa-Legrand, £8
Reported Speech, Amy Budd, Free
Her Eyes and My Voice, Vanessa Visual and Virginia Verbal Issue 1, £7
Her Eyes and My Voice, Vanessa Visual and Virginia Verbal Issue 2, £7
Pe(e)r/, Patrick Coyle, £7
The Inner Monologue of a Book, Rahel Zoller, £8
The Institute of our Love, Bad Press, £7
A day Without Olives, Jack Piers Scott, £8.50
Theatre of Objects, seekers of lice, £7
Hi De, Giogio Sadotti and Fraser Muggeridge, £30
The Artist Book, Laure Provost, £20
The Wanderer, Laure Provost, £ 25
Young Fresh and Relevant, issue 3, £ 5
Young Fresh and Relevant, issue 2, £ 3
The Clifford Chafforf Clifford Collection, Lytle Shaw, £8
Useless,New Writing in Art and Design, RCA, £8
Baldasari sings Le Wit £8 Nick Thurston, Removing the Remove of Literature, £15.99
Parrot, Karl Larson, £10
Consensus, Karl Larson, £10
Poetical Assumption, Karl Larson, £9


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