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AND Publishing will be hijacking (or pirating) the Bökship this March for the first of the Publisher of the Month series. An installation of their titles will be on display from 6pm on the evening of Thursday 3rd March (as part of First Thursdays)

During the month they will introduce their latest project The Piracy Project through a lecture by Andrea Francke on Book Piracy in Peru (Fri 25th March), a production workshop (Sat 26/ Sun 27 March) and a call for submissions. The Piracy Project is not about stealing or forgery. It is a platform to innovatively explore the spectrum of copying, translating, paraphrasing, imitating, re-organising and manipulating of already existing works.

AND is an activity exploring print on demand technologies and publishing conceptually driven artists’ books.

AND is directed by Lynn Harris & Eva Weinmayr and is based at Byam Shaw School of Art, London.


The Piracy Project at X Marks The Bökship Pirate Books in Peru:
A talk by Andrea Francke
Friday 25 March, 7pm

Book piracy exists in many emerging countries and book pirates in Peru for example go beyond creating unlicensed reprints – they have even begun to interfere with the content. An entire genre of “improved” versions is emerging. All the books, in a sense, become legitimate versions. In this illustrated talk artist Andrea Francke will present the findings of her recent research trip to Lima, where she visited book stores, street markets and traffic lights, where pirated books are sold by street vendors. She returned to London with a heavy suitcase full of versions, which will be on display at the Bökship.


Sat 26 March

Join us for a day on the streets. We will meet between 9.30 – 11.00 at the Bökship to make posters for the march. Then we will head into town to the meeting point. It will be close to ULU Malet Street. See also: Arts Against Cuts, draft of a letter for cultural institutions.


Pirate Book Production Centre at the Bökship
Sunday 27 March 1–6pm

Come in and join us on Sunday afternoon, when we’ ll pirate X marks the Bökship in London. This is the first workshop in the Piracy Project, which explores the spectrum of copying, translating, paraphrasing, imitating, re-organising and manipulating already existing material. The books resulting from this activity are the first contributions to the new book collection at the Byam Shaw Library.