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Poster Programme


Publisher of the Month: Test Centre

Vox Box
Marcia Farquhar
Juke Box in the Bookshop

Thursday 18 June
Man Made Structures and The Disembodied Voice 
((( Recording 10 – 4pm)))
Public Talk, 6 – 8pm

Thursday 25 June
HAVE A NO: Spread the Spoken Word
Live Event, 7 – 10pm

Saturday 27 June
Dial Stories
Writing & FM Radio Workshop with sound artist Chris Wood, 12 – 7pm

Tuesday 30 June
Paul Buck's Pressed Curtains Tapes
Test Centre Launch and Listening Event, 7 – 9pm


Publisher of the Month:
Drawing Room Confessions

Saturday 4 July
Drawing Room Confessions
Live Listening Event, 5 – 8pm

Monday 6 –  8 July
Jenny Moore
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Wednesday 8 July
“You can't win them all, ladies and gentlemen: Quality”
Jenny Moore & Guests
Live Radio Show, 7.30pm

Wednesday 15 – Saturday 18 July
Bookable Studio Sessions
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Wednesday 15 July, 10 – 1pm
Wednesday 15 July, 2 – 5pm
Thursday 16 July, 10 – 1pm
Thursday 16 July, 2 – 5pm
Friday 17 July,10 – 1pm
Friday 17 July, 2 – 5pm
Saturday 18 July, 10 – 1pm
Saturday 18 July, 2 – 5pm

Monday 20 – Friday 24 July
Typography Summer School

Saturday 25 & Sunday 26 July
DJ Workshop for Women
Workshop with Maria Guggenbichler & Amal Alhaag


Publisher of the Month: Sinkhole

Saturday 1 August
Super Woofer
Sound Fair & Summer Party

((( Recording )))
James Langdon



Wednesday 8 July 2015
“You can't win them all, ladies and gentlemen: Quality”
Jenny Moore & Guests
Live Radio Show, 7.30pm

You can’t win them all, ladies and gentlemen is a live radio show produced by Jenny Moore and a growing cast of contributors. With the episodes Happiness, Expectations, and Misunderstandings under our belt – the fourth episode will be made using Quality as our query.

For the Quality show, the recently-assembled You can’t win them all house band – “House Music” - will enter The Crystal Set to write and record an album in three days, performing it live on the fourth day in front of a live studio audience. Formed through interpretation, improvisation, desire and pressure, this experiment will finish off the first season of You can’t win them all ladies and gentlemen; it is a peak, a track, a jingle, a trip.

Good hard quality exists when demands and expectations 
are met on a concrete, technical level.
Good soft quality exists when demands and expectations 
are met on a human/emotional level.
Get rid of this one-man-band. 
Get a synthesizer and make a band with people. 
Make songs and play them out. 

“House Music” is Jenny Moore, James Ferris, Holly Pester, Simon Clark, and Steven Ounanian. House Music will be recording from 5 - 7 July, and will do something in public at 7:30pm on the 8th July. All welcome. 

*Disclaimer: this press release may not accurately represent the outcome of this event. While we aim for quality, we cannot guarantee that expectations will be met or that we have not already misunderstood each other, however we do hope that you will leave happy. Food will be present to aid this.  




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