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Thursday 10 April 2014, 6.30 – 9pm
Original Risographies by Studio Operatve and Work Form


Original Risographies are visual experiments and texts printed on a Riso RP3700. Conceived as a response to the visual instructions and observations presented by Bruno Munari’s Original Xerographies, the prints add to and further an ongoing discussion surrounding image production and reproduction in the context of this particular machine.


These contributions respond to, and expand upon, the instructions and observations presented by Bruno Munari in his seminal book Original Xerographies. Original Risographies re - applies Munari’s visual notes on reproduction to a context familiar to many contemporary practitioners. It aims to explore every potential of the Risograph printer through a series of controlled and uncontrolled experiments. Each publication will itself be an original, documenting a series of print samples and tests. From colour registration to ink concentration, every factor of this reproduction printing method is explored. Munari considered each original Xerograph as a unique outcome, with photocopying inverted to become a process for producing new images. Original Risographies pays homage and takes forward this idea, considering the machine as a tool for making work and not just reproducing it.As this printing process becomes increasingly widely used especially in the creative industries, Original Risographies celebrates the machine as it is now and the potential it has to develop how we look at images


Part manual, part investigation, Original Risographies is a new publication of explorations, printed on a Riso RP3700 features contributions from An Endless Supply, Adrian Holme and Peter Nencini, with an introduction from Darryl Clifton. Designed, produced and edited by work-form and Studio Operative it features contributions from An Endless Supply, Adrian Holme and Peter Nencini, with an introduction from Darryl Clifton.


Studio Operative is a multi-disciplinary production and publishing studio focused on showcasing the possibilities of contemporary illustration.

We aim to provide a space to promote innovative ideas and discussion regarding the future of the discipline and produce a wide range of published matter. We collaborate with exciting illustrators to facilitate work that is reflective of the eclecticism of illustration as a subject while exploring the increasing tendency for many illustrators to work more broadly across the visual arts.

We are dedicated to promoting the continued importance of printed matter in the age of the internet as well as exploring the potential of online communication.

As well as individual events and publications we publishLimner, a journal which presents an ongoing discourse regarding current industry practice, education and ideas.

The studio also acts as a physical space for this discussion with a content-led event to launch every publication which we hope will promote wider conversations around these subjects as well as a means of exhibiting illustration relevant to its context that is in some ways independent of the traditions of fine art.

Studio Operative is Alice Lindsay, Peter Willis and Miriam Elgon


work-form is a London-based graphic design studio run by Charlie Abbott, Jake Hopwood
& Alex Hough. Established in 2012, they design books, websites and identities for Artists, Musicians, Cultural Organisations and small companies. Alongside our practice we act as
Project Managers for Camberwell Press, a publishing, research and design organisation.





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