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Goldsmiths’ Art Writing has organised a series of three events with the general theme ‘Optics of Writing’. Each event will be comprised of workshops in the afternoon (3 to 5pm) and live events in the evening (6.30 to 8.30 pm).

To participate in the afternoon workshops please RSVP Francisco Sousa Lobo. Participants are welcomed, and invited to an open discussion and engagement with workshops and reading. Materials will be distributed in advance.

Evening live events are open to all, and will have the presence of various invited guests, such as: Patrick Coyle, Stewart Home, Sam Keogh, Sally O’Reilly, Eleanor Vonne Brown, Paul O’Kane, Sophie Jung.

Optics of writing: doing [the thing] not describing [it]

Friday 7th February 2014
Workshop 3 – 5pm
Live event 6.30 – 8.30pm

Optics refers to the way in which an image/object/experience is perceived. The writing method links the interpretation of sensory information to its mode of representation;writing performing the image/object/experience.






Optics of Writing: Through and Between
Thursday13 March 2014
Workshop from 3 to 5pm 
Event 6.30 to 8.30pm (all are welcome)

The workshops and events are organized by Barnaby Lambert and Daphne de Sonneville, both from the Art Writing MFA at Goldsmiths. Participants in the workshops are expected to engage with the images and texts shared, and prepare a short presentation on a pairing of image and text which is relevant to them.

Workshops will be lead by Patrick Coyle, Barnaby Lambert & Daphne de Sonneville, live events by Paul O'Kane, Barnaby Lambert & Daphne de Sonneville

The immaculate conception
of the inaudible bird
in gorgeous reticence…
— Mina Loy, Brancusi’s Golden Bird (1922)

In the November 1922 issue of ‘The Dial’ magazine, Mina Loy's short poem – ‘Brancusi’s Golden Bird’ – appeared alongside a photograph of the sculpture it names. The verse is oblique. The picture (taken by Brancusi himself) is almost opaque. Together, they offer as much of a departure from as they give a depiction of their shared point of reference. Part of ‘The Optics of Writing’, a series of events by the Art Writing programme at Goldsmiths, ‘Through and Between’ is a continuation of that departure. Along the way asking what, if anything, of an object can emerge ‘through and between’ its representations.

The workshop will be broken down into two parts:

The first hour will consist of a general discussion of the poem/ text pairing. Introducing it's historical context as well as outlining some of the approaches and themes which Daphne and Barnaby have taken to it, including:
•                The impossibilities of literal description.
•                Ekphrasis and Catachresis in language.
•                Material metaphors (opacity and reflection).
•                The claims to 'being' made by naming 'after' something else.

The second session will extend the thematic approaches of the first onto other 'pairings' of image and text. We have included some of these in our collage. But would also like to ask participants to send us, or bring in, other examples of image-text combinations in which literal description takes a back-seat.  



Optics of Writing: Out of Site
Thursday 20 March 2014
Workshop 2 – 5pm
Live Event 6.30 - 8.30pm

We invite you to take part in Optics of writing: Out of sight, an art writing workshop and event at X Marks the Bökship on the 20th March, led by Sally O'Reilly, Catherine Smiles and Heather Welsh. The workshop will explore strategies and techniques for presenting text in live or pre-recorded audio formats, and suggest methods of translation and compensation when diverting text from page to ear.

Please send, by 17th March, a new or existing text, of up to 1000 words, that you would like rework into an audio piece to catheriner.smiles@gmail.com
During the workshop Sally, Catherine and Heather will discuss your texts, one-to-one, while you work on them for possible presentation at the evening event. 

Peformance by Sophie Jung https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xf0JU7FSXM

Reading of text written by Seekers of Lice, performed by Patrick Coyle and Sophie Jung at Optics of Writing: Out of Sight. Event held by Heather Welsh, Sally O'Reilly and Catherine Smiles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jyu4MGQrNJU


X Marks the Bökship' events programme is supported by Arts Council England. www.artscouncil.org.uk